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Customer means business.  Customer means profit.  Customer means Cash flow.  Customer means Growth. Peter Drucker said 25 years ago ‘The purpose of the business is to attract and retain a customer’. It sounds simple but too many businesses have forgotten it to their cost. 
Research suggests that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an old one. Consider for a moment the cost of marketing, sales, commissions, accountancy, administration, credit and bad debt collection for a new customer, and compare this with the non-recurring costs for repeat customers. With this continued disruptive economy, can we afford losing customer anymore?
This is only the tip of the iceberg. If you factor in the amount additional business one satisfied customer can bring you, the case for building a customer relationship management strategy becomes compelling.
CRM – is it a way of computerizing your business? Is it a series of tools and techniques? Is it a marketing programme designed to attract customer loyalty? In its simplest form it is an attitude, a mindset, a value that you place on your business and its relationship with its customers.
Find out strategies and steps that will help your business to retain customers – is the theme of this workshop.

Participation Level :

The programme aims at guiding on how to stay Customer Focussed and therefore it will benefit all Department Heads, Frontline Senior Executives and Officers who are directly serving the customers and also those who are supporting the front line staffs in serving the customers.

Faculty profile :

Mr. A. K. Guha, was Executive Director – Business Development, of Renoir Consulting and before becoming a management consultant has also served various industries for 40 years. To name few corporate are Arya Communication Ltd. (Motorola), General Electric Althoms Ltd., Aplab Limited, Bright Brothers Limited etc. He has also served in the Middle-East. 
Started working career at the age of 17 in the year 1972. Since then worked in various the capacity such as Finance, Commercial, Marketing & Sales. He has also headed EDP / MIS, HRD and Marketing Department.
A Double Graduation from Bombay University in Accounting and Business Management, he has also done post graduate diplomas in Internal Auditing, Business Management and Trading (London), International Import Export Management (London), MBA- Finance (London), and Diploma in Computer Science.
A Life member of Bombay Management Association, and a Fellow of Business Management Association, London. And also, Life Member of Computer Society of India.
He has co-authored with Dr. Atthreya a manual titled “Effective Credit Management” a first of its kind on Credit & Collection Management for all types of Industries in Indian Context. Their recent book “Cash Before You Crash” has appeared on the Business India. Also, compiled manual for “Costs Reduction Strategies” and “Commercial Negotiation”.
Mr Guha is a regular lecturer at Bombay Management Association, Ahmedabad Management Association. He extends consulting on Faster Growth, Re-Engineering and Turn-Around Process.

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